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Fischer Skis

You know, everybody gets kind of territorial about their skis and it really doesn't make any sense. Rossignol people get all fired up about Rossignols, Madshus people get all fired up about Madshus, and Fischer people get all fired up about Fischers. It actually gets to the point where people kind of base their identity on the brand of skis they use.

I remember when a friend of mine down in Australia switched over to Atomics. That was back in the days when Atomic had those super light pink skis. They were great skis, except for the fact that everybody who owned a pair broke them. Seriously, you didn't have to do much to break those skis, my friend just leaned hard on his one time and it splintered the cap up around the tip. Those were early in the days of cap technology, but I tell you, the image of those pink skis got pretty firmly burned into my brain.

I've skiied on Fischers and Madshus myself, and although I don't have any complaints about the Madshus, I can't say that I've ever had a spectacular race on them. Of course, my appreciation for Madshus is kind of tempered by the fact that my fastest pair of skis was a pair of Fischers (not the pair pictured above).

I bought my best pair of skis in Canada (back when a Canadian dollar was worth less than an American dollar) and the guy at the ski shop had some extra special soft wax that he sold me to use to prep the bases. Also, I got the stiffest pair in the shop, and those skis ended up being super fast on hardpacked conditions. Plus they were SOLID and I didn't have to worry about busting them with an awkward fall. If the conditions were right to use my Fischers, I knew I was going to have a good race.

The next year I bought the Fischers pictured above hoping to carry on the triumphant tradition...but those suckers just never moved quite as good as the previous pair, thus they've been relegated to my early season quiver.

Still, at this point, nothing in my quiver is any good since they're all flexed for a guy who weighs about 165...You know what...I think I'll wait until I'm down about 30 pounds before I even unwrap that old pair of fast Fischers. It'll be extra motivation.

So good luck all of you out there on your Kneissls or your Germinas or your Trak skis! I'm sure you identify with your brand, so stay loyal (and keep them in business...competition is GOOD)! And maybe if you're good, there will even be a new pair of whatever you ski on waiting for you under the tree!

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