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How To Schedule Blog Posts for the Future

Hello Everyone! We've had a couple guest writers lately for CyclovaXC so I thought I'd do another post about general blogging knowledge, that way I can just refer to this post in the future rather than keep explaining it over and over again (God that's smart, you'd think I'd get PAID by somebody to do something at some point in my life!). For the record, I've done one article like this entitled How to Use Picassa to Display your Photos in a Slideshow on your Webpage (check it out if you have a blog, it's awesome and there are a lot of pictures).

Posting in the future is easy. From the "New Post" option, simply select the "Post Options" button (I've circled it in red...ignore the "s400" I also circled, that applies to another article). When you click "Post Options" you get the following menu:From here all you have to do is change the date and time in the section I have circled in red, and then click "Publish Post."

Pretty easy huh?

Here at CyclovaXC we've been trying to put up a post every day (which is harder than it sounds). Perhaps in the future we'll be putting up one or two, but for now it's just one. Just for the sake of convenience, we always set our publish time for 6:00 AM, that way it appears on Facebok (our articles automatically post to the fan page and various personal pages but annoyingly NOT the group page...grrrr...if you know how to do that please advise).

So, to recap, if you ask to be invited to our web page as a guest writer, before you publish your article, pick a date that doesn't yet have an article scheduled for publication, and publish your article on that date at 6:00 AM (make sure you change it to "AM" or your article will only be posted for 12 hours and only half as many people will read it).

If you want to be a regular contributor for CyclovaXC, send me an email (cyclovaxc at Essentially all we want is a couple good pictures and a couple paragraphs of text (please don't publish blatant ads for your business or service or I'll delete them...however you can mention your business or service at the end, I have no problem with that). We can't pay anything, but if I catch up with you I'd be happy to buy you coffee or something (at least it's not nothing).


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