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How to Use Google's Picassa to Display your Photos in a Slideshow on your Web Page

Hello all! As promised, today I will tell you how to upload your photos onto Picassa, and how to display them as a slideshow on our web page. I'm going to go through this with excessive attention to detail, so you should be able to just skim through here quickly as most of the information I'm providing is probably stuff you already know. However, if there's one thing I've learned, it's that you can't be too precise when it comes to giving computer instructions.

The above screenshot is what your google account entry page looks like. To get started with picassa, you have to click on the word "more" and then click on "photos" as shown below:

When you click on photos, you'll be taken to a page that shows your album collection (at some point in this sequence, google might interrupt you and ask you to download its Picassa software, you can do it even though your computer will probably warn you against it...stupid computer is afraid to download anything).
When you get to the Albums page, click "Upload:"

Clicking "Upload" will cause a new window to appear which will ask you whether you want to upload into an existing album, or create a new one. It's probably more convenient to chose a new album.

From there you have to title the album (I titled mine "Example" for the purposes of this tutorial) and then you hit continue.

After you hit continue, you'll get the screen below. This one is just a touch trickier because you have to hit "Add photos" and then a pop-up screen will appear (which I didn't take a screen shot of) that allows you to look through your computer and upload photos. You can select as many photos as you want, and when you're done hit "Upload" (which will become clickable only after you've added some photos).

Once the photos have been added, you'll be taken back to the previous screen which will have the following option on the right-hand side. You'll want to click the "Link to this album" option:

Clicking that will bring up several lines of HTML code plus the "Embed Slideshow" option. That's the one we've been looking for! Click it!

Clicking the "Embed Slideshow" link will cause another pop-up window to appear. This window allows you to select your options for your slideshow. In the image below, you'll see that the slideshow size is 288px, please, remember to select the size of 600px as I have 640px of width on the CyclovaXC main page.
Copy all of the HTML code in the yellow box that pops up. That's the code that I need to embed in this web page. All you have to do is copy it and paste it into the body of an email and send it to me, then I'll be able to post cool slideshows of all your race photos.

Like I've said before, Frank and I can't be everywhere at once and we'd like to see a lot of these pictures that we know everybody else is taking. Limit your slideshows to about 10-15 pictures (pick the best ones) and if you have images left over, make another slideshow. Also, remember that I will include your contact information because google reduces images slightly when it stores them, so if people want a full sized image of themselves to print off, they'll probably be contacting you directly through email.

That does it! I'll be awaiting your magnificent images!

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