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Merry Christmas Sports Fans!

You see? That's how YOUR Christmas tree should look. Surrounded by CyclovaXC gear. From the first day of our initial design people said our colors looked too Christmassy. Well, that was the whole point! Because Christmas is awesome!

So, I suppose as you all sit around your blinking tree sipping on your egg nog and watching football, you can reflect and give thanks for all the wonderful things in your life. Wonderful things like about another 6 feet of snow that's been snowing since last night. Wonderful things like this web page that tells you what to think and believe so you don't have to waste any energy deciding for yourself. Wonderful things like the CyclovaXC ski suit.

Enjoy that egg nog people, because race season is about to start, right after the CyclovaXC new year's day party (more details to follow)!

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