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Plenty of Snow On the Birkie Trail

Got the first ski of the season in this weekend and, just for kicks, we decided to go up to the Birkie trail and do the section going North of "OO." As many of you know, almost nobody goes North of "OO," the reason being that it's ridiculously difficult. Having been off the Birkie trail for nearly ten years, it's amazing how you still remember virtually every twist and turn of every segment of the trail.

Snow conditions for December 12, were good. There was plenty of snow with the occasional spot with a couple leaves or sticks showing through. The snow was pretty well packed for the most part, but there were a couple soft spots where you kind of sunk down a bit. You never hit rocks, but it slowed you down and would have made a lesser skier lose their balance (I never lost my balance of course).

I got to try the new classic trail for the first time and I have to say I was pretty impressed. It is a pleasant trail, but it's not nearly as technical or difficult as that section of the birkie trail. Back in the old days, you really got the sensation that you were out in the middle of nowhere when you climbed the divide. Now, that's not so much the case as the area seems to be criss-crossed with ski trails.

As I was skiing, I thought that it would be funny if they had the classic trail cross the skate trail at about two or three locations during the course of the race. The intersections would have to be 100% perpendicular, preferably at the bottoms of big hills. Spectators could man the corners and watch as racers either nearly missed one another or went down in a ball of flame like the best NASCAR events.

What do you think Birkie office? Is this something we can adopt? Might get the TV crews out there a bit more...might bring the ratings up! Let's get the Birkie on Pay-Per-View!!!!!

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