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Ski Area Profile: Elm Creek Park Reserve

If you've skied in the Twin Cities area over the past few years, the it most likely was at Elm Creek Park Reserve.

Having lived in the Twin Cities now since 2004 (over 5 years), most of my serious workouts have been at Elm Creek. Elm Creek boasts the best and most consistently world class snow conditions in the Twin Cities. Having skied all over the world at many famous venues, it is safe to say that Elm Creek is a gem for us locals to appreciate!

A rare late night "quiet time ski" at Elm Creek, after the masses left for the night! Gorgeous!

To start with, any ski area with 2 (yes 2) Pisten Bully groomers means business! On top of that, 8 of the newest snow guns in the country don't hurt. On top of that, a massive new chalet building complete with a cafeteria, huge fireplace, and dining/hang out area that seats over 130 people doesn't hurt. Oh, did I mention they have nice ski trails?

The beautiful and huge new Chalet at Elm Creek is luxurious by XC Skier standards.

While Elm Creek may be best known for it's 2.5K man made snow/lighted loop (every inch of that trail is burned into my memory from countless laps), the rest of the trail is truly beautiful and has much to offer. This 2.5K man made snow/lighted loop features a great variety of terrain, suitable for any skier, yet challenging enough for any athlete to get in a great workout.

In total, Elm Creek grooms 18K of trail. There is a huge variety of scenery and terrain from one end of the park to the other, yours to discover. As a bonus during the non-snow months, their network of beautiful blacktop bike trails are perfect for cycling, running, or rollerskiing.

As part of the Three Rivers Park System, your Three Rivers Ski Pass will get you skiing at Elm Creek. This Season Pass is currently only $50 (and $25 for each additional household member) or $4 for a day pass. All in all, amazing value!

After thousands of skis passing over the snow, at the end of the day, the Pisten Bully groomed snow is still in near perfect condition!

Check it out, Elm Creek is a world class venue right in the Twin Cities Metro Area!

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