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SKI TECH: Paste Wax makes your life easier!

Various paste wax products have been on the market now for years. Back in the day, they were minimally effective but have gradually gotten better and better (funny how innovation works, eh?).

Paste Wax is not a replacement for hot wax, rather a supplement to use between hot waxing sessions. As an example, I typically wax my skis for weekend races but don't have time to hot wax during the week (I'm busy with life). So, I usually simply will apply a quick layer of paste wax in the parking lot of the ski trail; 2 minutes and I'm set to go.

A few examples of Paste/Liquid Waxes on the market

While I don't consider a paste wax job to be a race quality job, it will generally run as well as (or often better) most other people's skis. Additionally, paste wax is very durable, but dependant on the condition of the skis it's applied to. I'm often able to get in up to a 40k ski on a paste wax job.

The latest iteration of paste waxes is made by a local ski wax company that is rapidly working toward establishing dominance in the US Nordic market: Fast Wax. A few short years ago, Fast Wax introduced a "Slick Pro". Slick Pro is a temperature specific high performance paste wax. This was the very first temperature specific paste wax product on the market, and still the only one.

Now, to fully disclose myself, I do work in the ski industry for distributor Q-Active. Fast Wax is one of the vendors we distribute for and I recently was helping them out at the West Yellowstone Ski Festival. At their On Snow Demo Booth, we waxed hundreds of skiers skis with the appropriate Slick Pro. Every single skier came back by saying their skis felt great, were way faster, that they felt "free'er" on the climbs, that they were out gliding their friends, etc. Paste definitely is for real!

So, how does it work and how do you apply it? It takes about 2 minutes to do a pair of skis and is summarized in a few simple steps:
  1. Clean the ski base with a soft metal brush (horsehair will also do). Take several brush strokes to remove any oxidation (white/gray areas from the ski base).
  2. Apply a thin layer of Paste Wax to the glide zone of a ski.
  3. Polish in the Paste with a Fast Wax Speed Block or similar tool. Vigorously polishing in the paste will generate a bit of heat, allowing the wax to adhere to the ski base.
  4. Lightly brush the ski base with a polishing or horsehair brush. This removes any paste residue from the ski base and will ensure your skis are fast the moment they hit the snow.
TIP: On waxless classic skis, you should apply the paste to the fish scale zone as well (this keeps wet snow from sticking to the grip zone and keeps it clean). Paste wax should help you to consistently have fast skis with minimal fuss!

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