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SKI TECH: Snowy Boots?

Cross Country Skiing is a sport that is made up of many details. This is one of the things I love about it. You as a skier need to make a number of things happen to have a good race (fitness, have the right ski, the right wax, etc, etc) not to mention that having snow and grooming is critical...

One of those funny little details that you tend to forget about during the off season but are quickly reminded of once your back on snow, is how snow can pack into your boot sole and prevent easy binding entry. Particularly in warm or wet snow, this can be a challenge and honestly a hassle!

Ben removing snow from the bottom of his boots after the recent snow storm.

Following are a few helpful hints to ensure easy binding entry and remove snow pack from your boot sole:
  • Firmly tap your toe tips on your opposite heel just before trying to click into your binding. This usually removes enough snow to get into your binding without issue
  • Use your ski pole tip to clean out snow from your boot sole, this will ensure all of the snow is removed from the binding interface of your boot.
  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treating the symptoms... You can almost eliminate snow from sticking to the binding interface of your ski boot by carefully applying a liquid silicon to the groove that lines up with your binding. Be careful to not get silicon all over the boot sole, only in the groove (you don' want you ski boots to be slippery). This is a trick that is used extensively in Australia, where slushy conditions are the norm for the entire winter. Do this, and you'll spend less time digging snow out of the sole of your boots!

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