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The Snow is HERE--The Cyclops Vol. 1 Issue 6

Hey all you psycho pschiers out there! Anybody look out a window lately, yup, that's right, the world isn't dusted with fine Columbian nose candy...nope...that's SNOW on the ground! And we here at CyclovaXC have already busted up this winter with some hard thrashing ski races (well, Frank has anyway...I'm trying to shed 10 years of Peruvian climatization to tell the truth) . In addition to the racing this month, we've also had a rip-roaring party with left the Lenroot lodge trembling long into the night (not to mention the "Buck Hunter" game at the Sawmill Saloon), and we've also placed an order for some gnarly warm-up jackets that you'd simply be a fool not to sign up for. In fact, if you haven't yet bought a ski-suit, you'd probably be better off just buying the warm-up jacket since they're going to be the best thing ever possibly invented for skiing in.

So, without further preamble, let me just dive into the list of all the great XC-skiing articles that have been floating around in the blog-o-sphere while you've been out doing god knows what (probably training like a Spartan warrior if I know this crew):

Frank got the ball rolling with his Event Report of West Yellowstone Super Tour 15K Freestyle. Apparently there was a massive propane explosion that triggered a nuclear reaction and completely obliterated Old Faithful...seriously, this is an article you've got to read. Then, Tiger Woods got into a little bit of a tight spot, but fortunately CyclovaXC jumped in there to bail him out, and it's a good thing we did or he might have lost his sponsors or something. We don't know why that is because with all the press Tiger's been getting lately...heck, we just like and respect him more! Then came the Snow on the Ground in Minneapolis which set all our spirits alight to dance and twinkle. Frank got serious with SKI TECH: The Cornerstone of Ski Performance, and if you don't read it you'll probably be dwelling in the ranks of obscurity forever. After that, CyclovaXC did the world a FAVOR by making the CyclovaXC "Olive" Warm-Up Jacket available...Order NOW! As if the Warm-Up Jacket thing wasn't good enough, CyclovaXC then did our spectacular CyclovaXC Launch Party! For all the lame ones of you who weren't there (I know, you get a little shy in public don't you...you get a little nervous around other human beings...you like to sit around at home and download "free movies" rather than interact with other living people...sheesh...), let me just rub in how much fun you missed by saying...well, to all of you who WERE there, rest assured that we WON'T be publishing any of the embarrassing photos/videos we obtained (as long as the checks clear...did I mention that warm-up jackets were available? Do I remember somebody saying that he's a "coach" and that we can't publish "that video?"). The party was so great, in fact, that it warranted TWO write-ups. The second included the 5 publishable photos that we obtained. Again, for those of you who were there, you can fill in the blanks between these photos. My second party write-up got me thinking that it would be great if more of our readers had a way to upload their photos so we can put them on CyclovaXC. So read How To Use Google's Picassa to Display your Photos, and send us your HTML code so we can publish your photos! The Snow is Upon US!!!!! Discusses the storm that came and had it's way with us. Then Reid Lutter from Podiumwear sent me some More Shots on the CyclovaXC warm-up Jacket (did I mention that I think you should buy one of these)! Then Frank dealt with one of the greatest obstacles to confront all XC enthusiasts... Training While Traveling. And he followed that up with Bike Tech: Winter Commuting Bikes (you better read this or you'll probably spontaneously combust). I went up to the Birkie trail and managed to take a few shots before it spanked me too hard, that resulted in the article Plenty of Snow on the Birkie Trail! And Frank finished off the first part of the month with his Event Report of Hoigaard's - Breadsmith Relays.

So there you have it! The snow is here, the suits are in, the skiing has begun. For those of you who are crying on your keyboards over your failure to come to the CyclovaXC launch party, don't fret, we'll be doing a few more events before we've finished our run. But this will be the last episode of the Cyclops for this year. Around the 1st or 2nd of January (probably the 2nd because doing it for the 1st is just pointless), keep your eyes peeled for The Cyclops, Vol 2 Issue 1! Until then, happy holidays, and make sure you bundle up with your family on Christmas Morning to watch that great Christmas Classic "Conan the Barbarian"...I watch that film every year and it always brings a tear to my eye with its perfect portrayal of the Christmas spirit (especially the Crucifixion element...you see, it IS kind of Christmassy).

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