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The Snow is Upon US!!!!

Here's an image as I drove my trusty Subaru sport down to Eau Claire the other day. As you can see, the fingers of the snow gods are caressing the highway, enticing me to strap on the waxkickers, or glideboards, or whatever you want to call them, and get me to burn off all the calories from the fine Peruvian food I've been eating for the last however many years.

Yes, it was essentially chaos in the northland as schools across the board were cancelled much to the delight of jubilant children everwhere who had foregone their homework in hopes of just such an eventuality.

From the Birkie trail to the Vasaloppet trail, From Snowflake to ABR (well maybe not so much in ABR because this might cut their season a little bit short) skiers are shouting Hooray!

Race season is HERE!

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