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Solid Training Food on the Go

Wow, the first thing I noticed when I got back on skis was that I was a fat ass and that it was exhausting to try and pull my body up those darn hills. Of course, it's only taken me a few times out on skis to kind of immediately start falling back into this mystical trance where I remember when I was 23 and probably about 165 lbs and I could just float up those hills like an angel with feathery wings (yeah...just like that).

Of course, about 2.5 seconds after getting off a trail, you commit yourself to eating better...which presents a problem here in the US where...excuse me for saying this...all the food sucks ass.

I've had the disadvantage lately of being on the road a lot and this especially sabotages you when it comes to trying to eat right. The fact is, all those millions of hours of commercials that you see on a daily basis DO sneak in and reprogram you (much as you think you can keep them from doing so through the force of sheer will). Likely as not, you're going to turn your car wheel at the sight of the first Subway or Wendy's or anything else that seems pseudo edible in this world of ultra-fried crap.

But let me tell you the trick you need to learn.

Reprogram yourself!

Instead of going to places that are familiar, go to new places that you have never heard of! Chain restaurants are OUT (they're all TERRIBLE anyway, so this is no big sacrifice). If there are more than one version of the same restaurant then I'm not interested in eating there. What you need to find is some little conservative place that some grandmother decided to open to take care of her "empty nest" syndrome where she cooks the same recipes that have been in her family since her first relatives came over on the Mayflower...in short REAL FOOD!

The above plate of steak and potatoes was taken at Randy's restaurant in Eau Claire...now, there might be more than one "Randy's Restaurant" in the world, but I'm pretty sure they're all owned by a different Randy so that makes it OK. To get to the Randy's featured in the picture above, take a right off 37 onto Craig road and you're right there. The official address is:

1132 West Macarthur Avenue
Eau Claire, WI 54701-6213
(715) 839-8449

Eat there when your on your way to Tower Ridge, both are worth coming to the Chippewa Valley to experience.

Good luck in your quest for real food and deep snow!

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