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Tower Ridge December 16

Here's how things are looking out at Tower Ridge in Eau Claire WI. The trail is in nice shape and they do a good job taking care of it, all that's needed now is about a thousand more little feet out there to crush down on the snow the way only a thousand little feet can.

Ahhh, isn't it just a delight to see a ski trail form up? Seriously, this is another one of those "duh" moments that you really never think about, but the fact is that for a ski trail to actually get good and fun and skiable, a LOT of TLC has to go into it.

At various times I've found myself in the presence of a bunch of other snow junkies who just had to ski on the first fallen flakes no matter what. In those instances, we've taken to skiing around in circles until an approximation of a path was finally hardened down (and then we usually resorted to doing sprints around the circle, which usually took about a minute or so...just imagine doing an hour or two workout on a 60 second track...yeah, it gets boring unless you're creative). I think it's only enduring multiple workouts like that (or weird situations where you can't pack the snow down even by skiing on it...it does happen, like in Ironwood circa '94).

Plenty of people complain about skiing, but you don't hear to many shout outs to the groomers when they've actually done their job (or maybe you do...but really, for as much complaining as we're apt to do we should really be singing praises about 10 times as much).

Anyway, thanks to all those groomers out there, you're all artists and it's a pleasure watching your artwork come to fruition...and to stomp all over it!

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