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Weather: 90 Day Outlook Calls For "Milder Than Average" Temps

Now that's a scary article title for a XC skier! Regardless, the National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center usually does get the forecast right, but only slightly more often than a drunken skier stumbling out of the Sawmill Saloon!

However, we must all respect the wisdom known as science. In general, most XC Skiers are complete weather dorks, so you will likely find this info interesting, similar to how the official Cyclova XC Winter Forecast may have struck your interest.

Once per month, the NOAA's Climate Prediction Center releases their 90 day forecast for the country. In general, it calls for average precipitation (which is good) with above average temps. You'll notice a huge area of above average temps stretching from the Pacific Northwest all the way to Lower Michigan (not good for skiers).

With this being a strong El Nino year, we are statistically most likely to see warm temps late in the winter. Additionally, during an El Nino year, we are 71% more likely to have a milder than average winter season than average.

What does this mean? Well, perhaps nothing. However, the experts are expecting the remainder of this winter to be slightly warmer than usual. This likely will include our normal intense spells of -20'F temps mixed in with some warm ups. Furthermore, if Minneapolis has an average winter of snowfall, we will have 55.9" of snowfall by the time the snow melts off this Spring!

The bottom line? Get out and ski on the snow we have now in your Cyclova XC Ski Suit! Any time we're skiing on good snow before Christmas should be taken as a gift!

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