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CyclovaXC.com is the brainchild of Ben Jonjak and Frank Lundeen seen here enjoying a rest with our wives on a random Tuesday dayhike. Incidentally that city behind us was completely deserted, but we found a little shop nearby with some Twix candy bars for sale...boy those were sure good, probably the most memorable thing about that day was eating those Twix bars I tell ya', but I digress.

For quite some time, it's been getting on our nerves that there isn't a good source for bike, ski, and run news for both the professional and the local level. So, we've decided to put this page together and do our best to keep it updated. Plus, it gives us a name for the ski team that we plan to get up and running, because once we hit thirty, we decided we just didn't want to advertise for other people anymore (no more oakley or nike logos on our clothes...nope...from now on, it's not going on our sleeves unless it belongs to US). So read CyclovaXC.com and enjoy, and if you're interested in plastering our name on your back, be our guests!

Oh, and if anybody knows the name of that city behind us in the above photo, could you let us know? Frank and I were thinking of heading back there this fall and putting up some deer stands because it looked like a good place to do some huntin'.
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