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Back Country Skiing

I have to admit, Frank gets a little too gung-ho at times. During the Christmas blizzard, he was looking out the window as the snowflakes continued to pile up...well on their way to what would be something like two feet of accumulation, and he kept sayng: "Come on man, let's go up to the Birkie trail!"

Rarely is it the case that I'm the voice of reason. But at this instant at least, common sense prevailed.

"But Frank, it's worthless. Nobody's going to be out grooming the birkie trail on Christmas eve. It's a day for back country skiing!"

In truth, there probably WAS somebody out there grooming the Birkie trail. But also in truth...I WANTED to go back country skiing.

Back in the old days when we were all stupid about racing and overly serious about things (not that we still aren't that way to some extent...but time tends to mellow a wild man...or at least give him the appearance of mellowness), we used to regain our joy of skiing by going out back country skiing. Instead of hammering the perfectly groomed trail like a maniac and gazing at your watch with the passage of every K marker, you just go out there and mess around. You break trail, you crash into trees, you ski out of control down ridiculous ravines that no lawsuit fearing public trail would ever think to groom.

Backcountry skiing is IT!

The above picture of Frank is probably within a half click of my mom's house. One of the things I never really recognized about my mom's house until I came home after having lived in a metropolitan area for ten years, is that my mom's house is the frickin' wilderness. I mean, she has a Boxer that recently got attacked by a black bear. You go trudging through her back forty and you don't know what you might find, maybe el dorado, who knows?

So anyway, on Christmas eve, Frank and I were trudging around the wilderness looking for jumps to make and trying to avoid the fierce animals...we were only half successful as Frank suffered a vicious attack which I will tell you more about later. Actually I can do BETTER than tell you about it, I can show you a VIDEO of it.

Yup, long gone are the days of rushing to a friend's aid. Today, one is more likely to just whip out the camera and cry, "don't worry about your family, I'll split the youtube earnings I make from this video with your family."

Well, I'm no exception, because if there's one thing I've learned it's that the standing nail gets struck down by the hammer (mangled Chinese proverb). That's another lesson of maturity, are you listening kids...don't be exceptional! Just video tape everything and it will all probably work out!

That and Back Country ski baby...it's where it's AT!

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