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Cyclova XC ski hats now available!

You've heard rumors about it, but it's now a reality! That's right, Cyclova XC ski hats are now available.

Everyone who has purchased a Cyclova XC Ski Suit will be getting one of these hats soon at no cost, as a sign of our appreciation of your being an active part of Cyclova XC. If you haven't purchased a suit but are interested in a hat(s), they are available for purchase right here on CyclovaXC.com on the "Gear" page for the very low price of $15. Similar hats usually sell for twice this amount!

These are top end hats made by Toko of a 50/50 Wool and Polyester blend with a sweet tasel on top. Of course, the lovely Cyclova XC badge logo is on the front of the hat. All in all, it's a great looking, high quality hat that fits great. As you may have noticed, it was race tested this past weekend in the Twin Cities Championships Pursuit race.

Check out the images below to get an idea on what the hats look like and how they fit. Remember, if you spend time outside during Winter, you simply can not have too many hats!

Frank says "Order a Cyclova XC Ski Hat!"

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