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CyclovaXC Warm-Ups are in!

Hey everybody! I came home the other night only to find a nice big box of CyclovaXC warm-ups fresh off the podium wear presses. I told you about our warm-up jackets here, but for those of you who didn't read that article (shame on you) let me just remind you that they're the PROLINE jacket which means they're super high-tech and awesome. They keep the wind and water and rain off you and at the same time they're breathable...actually, the material of these jackets is impossible to obtain here on earth, so you should really be thanking us for bringing them to you at the bargain price of $145 (check the price page at podiumwear...that's exactly what we paid for them).

For those of you who have already ordered a warm-up, it's in the mail. But for those of you who have been on the fence until now about whether to buy one...you better act fast because these things are going QUICK! I moved 3 of them today and about five other people handled the jacket, tried it on, and told me with longing eyes that they had to "sleep on it." Well...sleeping on it might make you miss the boat! I can always order more, but that will delay things and chances are you'll want these NOW!

If you want to order one, just scroll down to the bottom of the page, or click our "Gear" option in the Nav bar above (actually it's better to track me down because paypal likes to take some ridiculous percentage for themselves...).

See you on the trails!

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