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David Landgraf and Peter Rayne at Balsam Vinter Fest

Yesterday I mentioned Alan Lindsley at the Balsam Vinter fest 20K. Today I'd like to shout out to David Landgraf and Peter Rayne who also competed there. Nice work gentlemen! The image to the right is of David (here's the original source). Flicking through the images, you see a lot of Riverbrook suits in the mix which is kind of interesting.

Look, those of you who are heading out to these events you need to give me a shout out and, hopefully, either Frank and I can come along to either A. Race or B. stand around shouting and taking pictures.

Still, we're in our fledgling stages here at CyclovaXC, so this kind of craziness is only bound to keep snowballing. Just don't hesitate to drop a comment on here and tell us what's up, we'll broadcast it and do what we can to make sure the good times continue to roll.

Sorry that I couldn't find a picture of Peter...I'll make sure we'll get one for the next race!!!!

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