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Empty Skiing Parking Lot

How about this for a pretty picture? You pull into the parking lot and there's NOBODY! What does that tell you? It means you're getting secret extra training hours on EVERYBODY!!!! Muhahahahaha!

I remember reading some article about Bjorn Daehlie and how he'd just won the last race on the world cup circuit for the year and no sooner did he have the medal cooling on his chest than he ran outside to do some hill repeats behind his hotel. The idea being that as long as he was already ahead of his competition, he might as well get even MORE ahead by out training them right away (OK, I'm exaggerating a little was probably the next day or something...which is still absurd).

I tell you what though, I love to see the empty parking lot...but it's a little bit better if there's a nice lodge for you to go and climb into (just in case the car dies and there's nobody there to rescue can sleep in the lodge).

Incidentally, you can see how my brother muscled off my Thule bar racks when he owned my car...thus destroying them...sigh....

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