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For a Change of Pace during your winter routine, try the Pool!

As much as I love skiing, there are days when I just don't feel like going outside. This is a problem as you all know because unless you are in tip top shape and training daily, skiing just isn't all that much fun (not that I'm anywhere close to tip top shape at the moment, but you know what I mean).

It was a real chore during that cold snap of a week ago when you got to look forward to going out and skiing in around 0 degrees. Eventually my wife and I got fed up and headed over to the local YMCA where they have a nice heated pool. Let me tell you something, if you can't get out skiing for a day you don't lose absolutely anything by hitting the pool for forty minutes (or however long you can stand it).

I've been skiing a lot lately but I hadn't been in a pool for six or seven months so I was expecting the usual growing pains of lap swimming. Normally when you jump back into the water after being a dryland fish for at time, you struggle through ten or fifteen laps before hauling yourself back to the shore completely exhausted. However, it's true what they say about XC's a full body exercise, and I was surprised to find that I was able to rip off 40 laps without straining myself too much (I count it as a lap each time I cross the pool, those people who insist on calling a "lap" one trip down and one trip back are pretentious idiots as far as I'm concerned, and their attitude just makes the pool "lap" talk confusing).

The other nice thing about the pool is that it allows you to get toasty warm. What with heating costs and everything, the only time I'm toasty warm lately is on the way to the ski trail when I'm allowed to put the heater up to full capacity. At home I'm an ice cube, and on the way back from skiing I am as well (wet and tired...even after changing your shirt and socks). So it's nice to jump into the pool at the Y and then use up 50,000 gallons of hot water in their showers.

Oh yeah, and the pool membership comes with a free gym! So don't just sit inside and shiver on the cold days, jump in and swim!

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