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Frank Classical Skiing

Here's a picture of Frank hammering home at the Twin Cities Championships a few weeks ago. This image gives you a pretty good idea how awesome we all look when wearing the CyclovaXC ski suit...except when I wear the suit it seems a bit bigger and egg shaped...oh well.

The thing about classical skiing is that it's a whole lot harder on you than skate skiing if you're technique isn't right on. With skating you can be a little sloppy and it's not going to hurt you any, but with classic the second you get a little lazy with your kick or something and WHAM! your ski slips out from underneath you and your pole breaks and you're laying there in the middle of the trail with a bloody nose with everybody behind you yelling, "TRACK! TRACK!"

As long as I've been skiing, I still can't get used to classical. Even though I have an image in my mind as to how it's supposed to look and feel, I just can't seem to really nail it. One of the problems is that I just don't feel as good on classical skis as I do on skate skis. For example, with skate skis you can go around a corner with all your weight on one ski or the other and it doesn't cause you any problems. But on classical skis I'm always afraid that grip wax is going to grab hold and I'm going to go tumbling down in a snowball of curses, froth, and snowflakes. And you know what, this has NEVER happened, and I suppose if you're on a pair of skis that's actually properly flexed for you it never WILL happen...but yet it scares me. I constantly FEEL that grip wax under my feet like an angry troll that wants to reach out and send me spinning ass over teakettle.

Well, in the above picture at least, Frank seems to know what he's doing. Nothing beats a good picture of you classical skiing!

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