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Happy New Year! The Cyclops 2.1

I told you it'd be a couple days after New Year before I got around to writing this. I think January 1st is probably the least productive day of the year (talk about starting things off right!) and I missed most of January 2nd as well, and that was WITHOUT even having an official party (well...I pretty much take the party with me wherever I go and IMPOSE it on other people).
Still, I'm regretting those few lost days now since ski relevant news has just been PILING up out there like the meters and meters of white stuff that we see all those heavy duty trucks hauling away (where are they taking it, don't they know how PRECIOUS that is?). The races are ON now, although I find myself losing enthusiasm for them when it's like -274 degrees, but most of the people on our team aren't such pansies (or at least Frank isn't), so it's been my job to be the photographer when I'm too hungover to race. The photos from that little enterprise are at the end of this article, but let me give you the whole rundown since that last little bright day in your life when you got a message from CyclovaXC:
1. Ski Tech: What is your Flex?
Frank started us off right here with one of his patented articles which explain everything you need to know about XC-Skiing from arguably the most renowned expert in the history of any kind of human enterprise.
2. Weather: 90 Day Outlook Calls for "Milder Than Average" Temps
HA! That article is a little out of date now that the temperatures have plummeted to the point where a stiff wind takes the skin off your face. However, if you want some great links to some weather sources, you can find them in this article.
3. Solid Training Food on the Go
Here are some tips for where you can eat since I've more or less figured out that any kind of recognizable food source in the US (McDonald's, TGIF's, Applebee's) don't serve anything with any kind of nutritional value whatsoever!
4. Tower Ridge December 16th
Tower Ridge has been rediscovered by ME! And in honor of me, I think I'm going to rename it BEN JONJAK RIDGE. Catchy name huh? Anyway, here's a picture of the snow which I discovered there and also plan to rename "White Benjamin Powder" (I love rewriting history with myself as the star).
5. 15 Minutes on Snow
This is exactly how long it takes for you to stop feeling cold and miserable and actually consider whipping out your camera to take a few shots.
6. An Interview with Peru's First Winter Olympian
This was just a bit of serendipity. One of my google alerts informed me that a Peruvian guy was about to be the first Peruvian to compete in the winter Olympics and, wonder of all wonders, he's a XC skiier! So I wrote him an email and explained how I was married to a Peruvian and, to make a long story short...the guy has promised to send me some Olympics photos...we'll have to see whether he comes through or not.
7. The Fabulous Skiing Lodge at Tower Ridge
Again, something else I plan to rename after myself.
8. Fischer Skis
A picture of a pair of Fischer's from around 1996 got me reflecting.
9. Merry Christmas Sports Fans!
The CyclovaXC Christmas special featuring Mark Hamill, Mrs. Piggy, and BOTH the "Lime" and "Olive" CyclovaXC ski suits (Ok, actually there is no Mark Hamill or Mrs. Piggy).
10. Ski Area Profile: Elm Creek Park Reserve
Some thoughts on when, where and why you should ski.
11. Where to Stay for the Sisu Ski Fest
Dennis Kocton gives us some insider knowledge as to where to go in the Ironwood area.
12. Ski Area Profile: Wiliam O'Brien State Park
The guest posts continue to flow in with this great contribution from Andrew Johnson.
13. How To Schedule Blog Posts for the Future
A blogging article that is sure to be of great assistance to anyone who guest posts on our page in the future, or on a blog of their own (although why would you want a blog of your own when you can contribute to CyclovaXC?).
14. Ski Tech: Paste Wax makes your life easier!
Frank gives us some more insider information that other teams in the region would kill for (be appropriately thankful).
15. Ski Tech: Snowy Boots?
How do you deal with snowy boots? Click below for the answer.
16. Back Country Skiing
After a big snowstorm, just strap 'em on and head out the door (the trails aren't going to be ready yet).
17. The New Year's CyclovaXC Party that Never Was
I wanted to have a big CyclovaXC bash, so I started to invite people over to Frank's house, until I realized that, with the fairly young baby at the house, perhaps that wasn't the best thing to do (plus, it wasn't MY house). Still, I managed to find some people to play football with.
18. Crash at the Twin Cities Championship 2010
This is a pretty good photo series of the big pile-up at the beginning of the Twin Cities Championship. Believe me, it's just like NASCAR...Flames and everything.
Well, there you have it. Talk to you all again on or around the 15th. Don't forget to send me your invites to see your Picassa albums (and post your photos for the world to see on CyclovaXC)!
See you on the trails!

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