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Having Fun with XC Skiing!

Let's face it, most of us are never going to the Olympics or will become rich by being an XC Skier (or endurance athlete in general). Don't let this get you down, we are all XC Skiers (as well as cyclists, runners, etc) for a far more worthy list of reasons: Fitness, Health, Enjoyment of the Outdoors, making lifelong friendships with like minded people, and above all to have fun!

While I personally trained seriously as a full time XC Skier in the past (I called this my "Professional Amateur Athlete" phase), I realize more and more every day that I am not an endurance athlete for the money or fame. I'm into these amazing silent sports due to the laundry list of benefits they provide and above all to have fun!

During my time as a full time athlete, I had dreams of moving to the next level; perhaps being on the US Ski Team, or even going to the Olympics. However that simply didn't happen. Thankfully, the above mentioned laundry list of benefits is providing me with a lifetime of health, happiness, and fun!

Friend of Cyclova XC, Tim Retchford having fun on skis in the hallway of a hostel at Silverstar Mountain Resort.

Think about it, for someone just getting into a sport or activity, what is the most motivating incentive to participate? To train for tens of thousands of hours, enduring physical and emotional pain, with a very high likelihood of falling short of achieving the Olympic Team? Rather, I believe the obvious reason is to simply have fun!

We all want to be our best, but above all, the number one goal is to have fun. For some, having fun may be getting out on the occasional ski with friends. For others, having fun may be training 30 hours per week, with a quiver of 20 pair of race skis, and chasing the dream. Finally, your idea of fun may be to sneak into your Hostel hallway with skis on and ski down the hallways (see above photo). Regardless of where you fall, always follow your guiding north star of having fun!

This bedrock element of having fun with XC Skiing, Cycling, and Running really is what Cyclova XC is all about. A lot of us race, with a wide range of results, but you can be darn sure we're all having fun! If this is what you're looking for, Cyclova XC is the right place for you!

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