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How To Stay Warm in Cold Weather

It can't be done!

Here's an image of Frank right after the Twin Cities Championships. Actually at that moment he said he felt, "comfortable," but about five seconds later he was ready to seek cover...any kind of cover!

It's in the cold days when you figure out whether your heart is really in it. When you're doing races in single digits or below, well...to put it simply...youre taking it to Mother Nature. Which is all fine and good and macho or whatever, but if you collapse out there on the course chances are you're going to freeze to death (I never used to think of that second part when I was in my twenties).

What are the tricks of the trade? Here are the ones I know, but feel free to put some more in (we could all use the tips).:

1. Dermatone (or Vaseline because really Vaseline is the same thing only a whole lot cheaper)...put it everywhere, and if you're borrowing from somebody else's bottle, don't double dip!
2. Hand warmer heating units in your boots (they work better than outer boot warmers).
3. Outer boot warmers (they're worth the investment)
4. Hot chocolate in your water bottle or...
5. Whiskey in your water bottle.
6. Some kind of wind brief or fur-lined groin unit (seriously, you should wear that even when it's 40 degrees because it's not worth the risk).
7. Be tough (there is no cold).
8. Ski faster.
9. Go into a Berserker rage (just make sure you're pointed in the right direction).
10. Do a couple "pole sprints" (sprint 100 yards or so with your poles...no skis) before the race start to get your blood flowing.
11. Lots of layers...but...
12. Not so many layers that your boots or clothing is tight (it's the space between layers that keeps you warm).
13. Keep everything dry (be in such good shape that you can win without breaking a sweat.
14. Hold out for 15 minutes (remember that in 15 minutes the cold either goes away, or the nerve endings freeze to death, either way you stop feeling the cold).

That's about it, as as useless as this list generally is, it's all we've got. The good news is that it's going to be warming up tomorrow...thank god...although I was never cold.

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1 comment:

  1. I'd like to add the old moleskin on the face trick to the list. Yes, the same stuff you put on your feet to avoid blisters. (I don't recommend reusing the stuff from your last hiking trip) The furry stuff keeps you warm and the wind off your face...and it makes you look like a Star Wars character which is always a good thing!