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Lindsley Hammers at the Norskalopet

This picture of Alan Lindsley hammering at the Balsam Vinter fest (taken from here) is just the kind of craziness we have come to expect and love from Alan Lindsley. According to the results, he finished a pretty solid third (a note to Alan, you don't have to go that hard when you ski with us...we're more about the beer afterward).

In the background of this picture you can see Dave Landgraf who pretty much always dominates everything he's a part of. I mean seriously, you don't even want to rake leaves with this guy because he turns it into a gladiatorial competition like something you might see in 300 (actually I've never raked leaves with him, that's just what I've heard...from the voices in my head).

Good work guys, and those of you out there in the know, keep sending me links telling me where pictures of CyclovaXC dudes are appearing! Cheers!

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