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The New Year's CyclovaXC Party that Never Was

Well, as we mentioned before, we had toyed with the idea of having a huge CyclovaXC New Years party with thousands of people, a parade, and an eight foot castle made out of Hershey's Kisses. But, in the midst of life and planning, we just couldn't get it organized (plus, I ate all the chocolate). So instead, I just headed over to Frank's house and we called up his neighbor Steve...er...Scott, and after much wine and revelry and a couple Pisco Sours that I expertly prepared as only I can (seriously, I'm probably the best guy for making Pisco Sours in the whole of the midwest...the only problem is that the Limes from around here suck and just don't work as well as Peruvian Limes...which they actually call Lemons) we decided to head out onto the lake and play some football, hopefully recruiting some people along the way by knocking on random doors.

Well, we didn't recruit anyone, and thank god we didn't get arrested, but we still had a blast as you can see from the above photo of me scoring a miraculous TD. Frank took this picture and he managed to throw the pass and still run to the end zone, whip out his camera, and shoot before I could get there (Frank's super human). Our eventual arrival at the lake was after a brief interlude of playing on the ice skating rink, which, after two passes, both incomplete, we finally realized was just going to get us killed.

We then walked back home and yelled at a couple of people who were just arriving and walking from their garage to come and play. They just shook their heads with nervous smiles and ran to their house dodging a barrage of expertly thrown footballs.

I didn't dominate the game, but I dominated the chocolate fondu that magically appeared on the kitchen table at Frank's. Apparently I screamed that everybody else was "weak" and that the "chocolate was mine" and I scarfed it all down before passing out.

Another great new year's day! Hope yours was equally entertaining!

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