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Rich Hoeg and Minnski.com

As I was sitting around waiting for Frank to start the Twin Cities Championships on January 2nd, I couldn't help but overhear a guy talking about the small camera he was holding. The camera was attached to a black elastic strap, and the fellow was planning on skiing the race with the camera fastened to his forehead!

Now, in the short time that we've been doing CyclovaXC, I've often thought how great it would be to have a camera that you could just strap on, turn on, and forget about. If there's one thing that interrupts a ski, it's whipping off your poles, yanking off your gloves, and digging in your pockets for a camera so you can snap a couple quick shots (and slowly start to freeze) before stuffing the probably way too expensive item back into wherever you got it from. Plus, carrying a camera is a bother because you've got to worry about it falling out of your pocket, or freezing up, or getting wet, or a million more of exactly the type of things you're going out to ski to forget about in the first place.

This guy with the camera that strapped to the forehead had it figured out. His name is Rich Hoeg, and he's the webmaster of Minnski.com (when you go to his web page, you'll see that he also has NorthStarNerd.Org as a domain name...but I think anyone who does ski races with a miniature camera strapped to his head is too cool to be referred to as a "nerd").

Rich informed me that the camera is a product of http://www.goprocamera.com/, and as you can see from the pictures at the top and bottom of this article (which Rich was kind enough to give me permission to use), it takes pretty cool and unique images. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures that Rich gets at the Birkie.

To see the rest of Rich's images from the Twin Cities Championships, check out Minnski.com.

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  1. I just took some more photos at around sunset this evening at French Park. In this instance, I had the camera pointing in reverse. Here is the link .. http://bit.ly/6ps4pF