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Ski Lodges and the Necessities Brought on by Old age

I keep talking about the tower ridge ski area lodge and I suppose everybody's bored with it...but what can I say? I'm soft these days. It's nice for me to go out skiing and to know that there is going to be a nice warm place where I can wiggle out of my nasty, sweaty, freezing ski clothes and put on a few layers of something that's...well if not clean, then at least dry.

Back in the old days of my long-forgotten, and all too brief glory, I used to scoff at the necessity of a ski lodge. Back then I'd just slam my seat backwards and turn myself into a pretzel as I sat in my car and struggled to get my ski boots on. I could get away with it because I was more flexible than a South Pacific gymnast (it was awesome).

These days with 35 years sitting there staring at me from the other side of the table like a Russian with half an empty bottle and a pistol with 5 empty chambers, I can't even bend over to tie my shoes without risking having some crazed section of my back jump up and scream, "MEOW!" loud enough to get me crawling across the tile floors and bellowing in totally discapacitated agony.

The bottom line is I simply lack the agility necessary to squeeze into all my tightly fitting lycra while sitting in the cramped space of my non-American designed or built car. That's why I'm all for these lodges that are popping up all over the place. You'll see me inside hogging all the hot chocolate (I need to figure out a way to carry THAT with me out on the trails...then everything would be perfect), but I tell ya' if you can still manage the car change...keep riding that horse son. Ride it till it bucks you two or three or ten years from now (and leave the extra room and hot chocolate in the lodge for ME).

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