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Tim Tams for the Ski Trail!

For those of you who have been to Australia, you know that the US has always been missing something. That's right, for all the great things that you CAN get here in America, for the longest time you couldn't get any frickin' Tim Tams!

Back when I used to make a yearly pilgrimage to Australia to do the Kangaroo Hoppet, one of the main things I used to look forward to was gorging myself on Tim Tams...imagine my surprise then when I was walking through the grocery store here in Chippewa Falls and I found a whole frickin' display of them right out in the middle of the aisle!

Now, I know that I've been out of the states for a while, so maybe this Tim Tam phenomenon isn't big news to anyone else. Maybe EVERYBODY'S been enjoying Tim Tams every day for the last decade while I've been hiking around Machu Picchu thinking the view would be a LOT better if only I could enjoy it with a packet of Tim Tams in my backpack (or meaty fist as the case may be). However, after doing a quick "find Tim-Tams in the US" search, the results were mostly laments about how you can't find Tim-Tams here. So what gives? Was that just a mythical dissapearing grocery store display from shangri-la? Was it an illusion (doubtfull since I have a picture...although maybe I see a packet of Tim-Tams and you see a blue wall and my hand). Or is it due to the fact that the Chippewa Valley is often a test market for new produts (thus making it difficult for people from this region to have polite office conversations about what's out there to eat since our perspective on this subject is completely different).

Well, as of a week ago there were Tim-Tams available in Chippewa Falls. If anybody wants some, just let me know, I'll buy them all up and sell them at $15 a box.

There are people who would pay that since Tim-Tams are so frickin' good.

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