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Tour Divide Race: Joseph Meiser's Canada to Mexico off road bicycle race experience is full of epic posts that many viewers come back to again and again, this will be one of those posts.

Our good friend
Joe Meiser is a co-worker of mine at QBP who heads up our Product Design and Development Department. That is an entirely different and interesting story though... Joe is one of the toughest people I've ever met when it comes to physical and mental stamina as it pertains to endurance sports, which you will soon see.

Today, we are treated to a video highlighting Joe's experience in the race of races, the
Tour Divide Race. This is an off road bicycle race from Banff, BC to Antelope Wells, NM (on the Mexican) border running along the Continental Divide. In total, it was 2,745 miles of riding with over 200,000 feet of climbing, with 42 riders starting, and fully self supported!

So settle in, grab some popcorn, a tasty beverage, and enjoy this amazing 35 minute video! You'll probably want to go do it this year! Look forward to an indepth interview with Joe on, which will give you more of a sneak peak into what this amazing experience was like...

Tour Divide 2009 from jmeiser on Vimeo.

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