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The View from the Tower Ridge Lodge

The more I go to tower ridge, the more I like the lodge, which is good because actually I'm getting a little bit bored with the trails.

Back in the ancient "Glory Days" which I keep boring everybody with endless stories of, I used to always ski on the Birkie trail. I didn't know it at the time, but that's about the greatest luxury anyone can be afforded. The thing about the Birkie Trail is that you can make yourself ski longer than you really want to on it. How? Well, you just say to yourself, "I'm going to ski 4 hours today" and then you ski out for two hours and turn around. By god...if you don't ski the other two hours back (for that grand total of four that I mentioned before) I guess you're just going to die and freeze to death out there on the trail and your carcas is going to be picked apart by wolves (that big steroid wolf from 300 especially).

Well, it doesn't work that way at trails like Tower Ridge where you're essentially doing short laps. You might say to yourself, "I'm going to ski 4 hours" and then after doing laps for 2.5 hours, you swing by the lodge and you get a whiff of hot chocolate and you think to yourself, "hmmmm....hot chocolate would be gooooood...." so you go in and that's all you ski for that day.

But I do like that tower ridge lodge. It's nice and warm in there and there is hot chocolate (did I mention the hot chocolate) and it's up on the hill so even when you're not skiing you can glance outside at the harsh, uneven terrain you could be working out on but are far too sensible to engage. It's a nice view...better enjoyed with a steaming hot mug of hot chocolate in your hand!

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