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2010 City of Lakes Loppet Slideshow

As I promised yesterday, I have a whole bunch of City of Lakes Loppet pictures (like 1943 to be exact) so I figured I'd grab a couple choice morsels and put them up here. This was a good dry run for the Birkie as it showed me how well my camera works and how well my body didn't (probably something to do with the fact that I'm 220 lbs). Still, this is a survival year as we get the old band back together and up and running like a bunch of mystical mad men.

Tomorrow is Wednesday already! Geeze, I've hardly recovered from the LAST race and the NEXT one is already looming on the horizon! Well, before we get to Pre-Birkie photos and information, I've got a couple waxing videos of Frank to show, look for those on Thursday and Friday.

And to all the CyclovaXC members who did the City of Lakes Loppet! Nice work (and wait for me next time you jagoffs!).

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