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Birkie Fever!--Cyclops 2.4

Hello all you fearless CyclovaXC warriors! I trust you're feeling exhausted but exhilarated after a phenomenal couple weeks of skiing! Since I've last cluttered up your inboxes with my deranged ranting, there have been a plethora of tremendous XC events in the North country (the City of Lakes Loppet, Badger State Games, The Pre-Birkie, and the Mora Vasaloppet to name a few). Word on the grapevine is that we've had CyclovaXC skiers (resplendent in their magnificent CyclovaXC gear) in all of these events, and if you have some photos or war stories to share, don't hesitate to send them (

Throughout the next couple weeks I'll be posting from the vast collection of photos I've acquired over the last few weeks. I've got a guy with a dog on his head at Mora, various images of us skiing, a little kid bundled up to the gills to keep out the cold, and a few more little knick knacks that will just fill you with love and joy and an overwhelming desire to just hammer out about 76 consecutive kilometers up at the Birkie trail.

Also of interest to many of you is that Frank's really been turning up the heat in terms of his SKI TECH articles. In this issue of the Cyclops you'll find a couple links to waxing videos that show the proper technique. Remember that Frank used to wax for the US ski team (so he knows what he's talking about). Frank's one of those guys who gets irritated when his skis are "only as fast" as everyone else's, because he PRESUMES that his skis are going to be outrunning the rest of the pack (which is a good place to be in any kind of a race). Even if you already think you know what you're doing (which all of us kind of do), these videos can help you tweak a few areas that might shave an extra minute or ten from your Birkie time!

So anyway, without further ado, the much anticipated article list:

1. A Birkie Tale...: Andrew Johnson got this edition of the Cyclops going with a bang with what proved to be a very popular article about a little Birkie mishap involving a packet of GU, a leak, and some embarrassing freezing. Check it out!

2. Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival: Hurry, enter the Lottery: Frank worked some magic here to allow CyclovaXC members an early bird link to enter the fat tire.

3. SKI TECH: What Makes a Fast Ski: Information that all skiers want to know.

4. SKI AREA PROFILE: Frederic Village / Coon Lake Trails. Sick of your local trails? Frank points you in the direction other places you can go and ski!

5. SKI TECH: Base Basics. More information from the master!

6. SKI AREA PROFILE: Timberland Hills. More new places (for some of you) to ski!

7. The Finish Area at the 2010 City of Lakes Loppet: I caught some guy styling in some all white arctic/urban wear. Check him out!

8. 2010 City of Lakes Loppet Slideshow: I wore my darn GoPro camera on my head to bring you these images, so you better appreciate them!

9. VIDEO: Proper Scraping and Brushing Technique for Cross Country Skiing. A video everyone who has ever thought of cross-country skiing NEEDS to see!

10. VIDEO: How to Apply Pure Fluro Waxt to your Cross Country Skis. Another vital video for the eyes and minds of XC aficionados.

11. Here Comes the Pre-Birkie! Pre-Birkie preview.

12. The Mora Vasaloppet: Mora Vasaloppet preview.

13. SKI AREA PROFILE: Soldier Hollow. Another place that's worth the drive.

So there you have it folks! Stay tuned to CyclovaXC where Frank will be presenting his wax recommendations a few days before the race! We'll be seeing all of you after the Birkie (hopefully at the Sawmill Saloon slamming one or two or a dozen beers)!

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