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Bloggers and IOC Need to Give Olympic Athletes a Break

Yeah, I know, it's the Birkie...I'll write about that tomorrow. I'm just pre-posting now in anticipation of being tired and probably hung-over on race day.

It seems like you can't turn on your computer today without having some blogger or some member of the media or some nameless, faceless guy in a suit bitching about the behavior of some jubiliant athletes who have just won a medal. I mean...come on!!! These people are under an ENORMOUS amount of stress. Give them a break if they get a little excited when the monkey is finally removed from their back. Sure I'm all for "appropriate behavior" (well, not really, I actually think appropriate behavior is complete bullshit...but I don't complain about it all that much) but what about just having a little tolerance for the fact that these athletes are, after all, human beings (tolerance is my favorite word because everyone always claims it's a virtue but very few people in positions of power ever show any "tolerance" for things they don't like)?

Take, for example, the jubiliant Canadian women's hockey team:

Now, these women are in all kinds of trouble for cracking open beers and firing up some stogies on the ice shortly after their victory. Give me a frickin' break. I mean, these girls probably are such health nuts that they just took one puff and then threw the thing onto the ice (thus wasting a perfectly good cigar) because their bodies just can't take the posion of hardcore drinking and smoking. It's not like they were tossing empty bottles of Captain Morgan into the garbage like they were empty beer cans. Does anybody really give a shit if an 18 year old girl who has just won a gold medal sneaks a sip of beer in the post award ceremony celebration? I know that I don't! And now there is some talk that they're going to send them home early so they can't enjoy the closing ceremonies. Now THAT would be an unjust act that would be worthy of some retribution...but where the hell is the ruling body to reign in the IOC (or whatever governing group is even debating this). It's a bunch of nonsense...but still not as bad as what happened to Scotty Lago.

I don't know if you know who Scotty Lago is, but after winning his bronze medal, he was sent home because the following pictures started floating around the internet:

Again everybody's talking about what an enormous scandal this is...but the way I look at it, if putting all the time and effort necessary into getting a bronze medal isn't worth a couple of anonymous hummers then I don't know why people even bother. From MY perspective, this guy's being pretty tame...I mean, he's using the medal to BLOCK OFF ALL THE ACTION! The guy should be heralded as a hero by abstinence groups ("Use your medal to prevent unwanted sexual contact like the heroic Scotty Lago").

But in all seriousness, let's put it this way...EVERYBODY'S got a frickin' camera these days. If it's not an actual camera or videocamera (the size of your fingernail) it's a cameraphone or a credit card phone or some other stuff. I guess we're collectively as a society taking our first baby-steps into a world in which EVERYTHING is digitally recorded, and what people haven't figured out yet is that EVERYBODY does stuff like Scotty Lago and the Canadian Women's Hockey team. What everybody DOESN'T do is pull a bunch of selfish crap like Lindsey Vonn who screwed up Julia Mancuso's run the other day and didn't even show the slightest bit of remorse about it (she was laughing all the way through the damn interview...but nobody's complaining about HER because she's the frickin' golden girl [I like Mancuso better]). The only thing I ever hear is how Vonn's pinky is broken or her shin and it's all a bunch of transparent nonsense designed to build in an excuse in case she fails.

All this nonsense has to be stopped. I mean, when a guy hits the absolute PEAK of what they've been working for for years and years they deserve a couple minutes of absolute euphoric self-indulgence (see Tiger Woods...and personally I think the only people who can be critical of Woods are those who have spent as much money on charitable foundations as he has...yeah, you don't see all those starving orphan kids he's helped out pointing the dirty end of their finger at him now do you?).

All this nonsense has got to be stopped because if it keeps going like this, you'll probably wake up one day to read "American Evan Lysacek disgraces the US and is sent home in shame after reports were leaked to the media that he had a bowel movement shortly after the medal ceremony. A spokesperson for Mr. Lysacek is quoted as saying, 'Evan is deeply sorry for what he has called a temporary slip, he hopes the American People can someday forgive him, and he knows that to have a bowel movement is simply NOT appropriate or acceptable behavior for a gold medal bearing athlete.'"

You see, it's frickin' ridiculous. Get a life people!

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