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The City of Lakes Loppet is About to get Ridiculously Expensive

The tentative plan is that Frank and I will be doing this City of Lakes Loppet thing-a-m-ajig and we hope to see as many of you as possible out and around the course (so that there are an adequate number of people to lift the shield carrying my torn, tattered, and steaming body). But if you plan to come, you better hurry up and sign up because this race is about to get absurdly expensive. Well...it already is absurdly expensive at $85, but if you wait to the day of the race it jacks up to $110!


It used to be that you could do a race for around $50 (back when I used to walk fifteen miles to school through knee deep snow...ONE WAY!), but I suppose those days are long gone!

Fearing this imminent fee jump, I signed up using the online page, it's pretty self-explanatory (and when you pay with a credit card, it doesn't seem like it's real money).

Hope to see many of you this weekend!

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