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Dennis Kotcon and Frank Lundeen at the Pre-Birkie

I really don't have a lot to say about this picture except for the fact that it highlights how awesome our warm-up jackets are. I only have a couple left and I believe the ones I do have left are all Large and X-Large so those of you who want one of those better get in touch with me pretty pronto.

This picture is cool because it kind of takes me back to the old Riverbrook days when our contingent of skiers could be found at basically any event. We're just getting started at CyclovaXC, but the old magic is already spreading through the air. Even at the Pre-Birkie I ran into three or four CyclovaXC skiers, and this number is only going to go up and up as the races and the years continue to pile on.

The other day I was chatting with Aaron Sturgis of Eau Claire (who has also subsequently joined the team) and he was pretty excited about the idea of a club like this for adults. As I've mentioned before, it was initially Frank and my idea just to get something like this going and then to kind of sit back and see what we could do with it once it was established. Now, a couple months into the enterprise, it's fun to kind of reflect on where we're at and how it's different than maybe where we thought we'd be (but not all that much really). Aaron's comments were along the lines of how there are teams for high schoolers, and teams for college age people, but then you're just supposed to kind of hang it up when you hit your thirties and you get married and have kids. Sure, none of us are really entertaining dreams about going to the Olympics anymore (although I could actually probably go since my wife is Peruvian and all I'd have to do is get my Peruvian citizenship and then less than 300 FIS points), but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be skiing seriously...After all, it keeps you fit, keeps you eating right, and in the long run XC-Skiing will probably save you a lot of money on doctor's bills that you aren't getting by being sedentary.

So, hopefully as the rest of this mighty train rolls on, I'll be able to bring you more and more pictures but with CROWDS of CyclovaXC skiers standing around eating donuts and exchanging war stories!

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