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Getting Over the Jet Lag...Lindsley's report from Sweden

by Alan Lindsley

Here's a report from Alan Lindsley who is skiing at the Championships out at Falun, Sweden. Enjoy!
All things are well here in Falun, Sweden. We were in route for almost 20 hours before arriving at our hotel. True to form, Dave was chomping at the bit to go ski, so after a quick change and no sleep off we went to conquer the mountain. Having a 5, 10 and 15KM loops to choose from Dave felt a minimum of 15Km would be necessary to really add to the jet lag. Of course we did not review the course profile............... hm after 9 Km of slugging through 3 inches of ungroomed new snow and a 1000 vertical feet, we reach the pinacle of the course and were able to navigate our way back down to the stadium area. We were both thinking that the ski was like going from Telmark to double O twice, just harder and slower.
After a good meal and a good nights sleep we attempted the course yet once again. With freshly groomed snow under our skis we felt it much easier even though you basically climb for the first 9 km before the course gives some rolling terrain back to you.
We will start racing on Sunday. The 30Km race for myself will be two laps of this, that will be a humbling experience, Dave will be doing one loop but with over 80 starting in his field and the course narrowing tightly within the 1st Km, Dave will have his work cut out for him to establish himself without blowing up in the lead group. I have already reserved myself to just skiing strong and calling it one heck of a birkie tune up.
Monday will bring us the 10Km race that is basically 5.25 Km with about 700 feet of climbing and then straight back down into the stadium via a winding trail with a few tricky turns.
Friday brought us an easy 15Km classic ski in falling snow. The mountain is starting to grow on us, just wish it had a few rest spots in all those climbs.
Friday night watching ourselves and three other americans burn up their wax irons after about one hour of waxing. I think its a plot by Toko to sell some of those 1400 Korona irons in the shop next door. Maybe not, Ben Lund the Toko rep burned up his iron too, maybe Ian gets a little kick back.
We were pouring in some cold powder and cold waxes as each day we are here the temperature continues to drop, we are looking at a maximum of 10 F at the start with snow falling, could be a slug fest!!!!!!!!!!!
Attached are a few pictures from our hotel, the stadium and the waxing area. We will send some race updates on sunday!
Look for travel deals and come enjoy Falun, Sweden.

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