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Join Us at the City of Lakes Loppet!--Cyclops 2.3

Hey all you fearless CyclovaXC warriors! The weeks just fly by too fast! Isn't it amazing when you structure your entire life around XC-Skiing how the winter sprints by? That vital lead up to the Birkie seems to be a constant period of acceleration, and once February hits, you start to truly recognize that it's serious...the race is upon us!

The big news for this edition of the Cyclops is that the warm-ups are in and they look great! In fact, they look so frickin' good that they've provoked quite a number of people to snap up suit/warm-up combos. I had three in a two day period which has to be some kind of a record! The even better news about this is that it allows Frank and I to have a little cash on hand so we can seriously start thinking about getting a team bike jersey/shorts kit going. Anybody with color/style suggestions please send them along (note...we're not doing anything BROWN so don't even bother to voice that).

But getting back to the Birkie and the race season...I'm starting to get anxious! This, of course, is the year of recuperation (I'm trying to recuperate the form from my glory days), but I'm finding sitting around on a couch really isn't helping me all that much. So Frank and I put our heads together and we've decided to take out a second mortgage (stupid race fees) and head out to the City of Lakes Loppet. For those of you in the area, we'd love to see you there and have coffee or whatever after the race (yes, we know we need to do some more CyclovaXC events! It's all in the cards baby...we're getting there slowly but surely).

So, if you make it to City of Lakes, have your cameras primed and your ski suits waving in the wind, we'll try to snap off some mutual photos and then write about each other's glory on!

But before I get to that, let me do a recap of the stories from the last couple weeks (they sure add up quickly don't they?).

1. Manfred Nagl Wins the Birkie: In which I reflect about how the Birkie champion came to stay with my crazy Grandpa in Hayward for the 1990 event.

2. GoPro Ski Slide Show: In which I practice with the waterproof camera that I hope to carry with me at the Birkie.
3. Corn Field Skiing: The "other" Andrew Johnson gives us another reason to love the midwest!

4. Train at the Pool! Some advice for when it's like -600.

5. The Other Andrew Johnson: In this case, the use of the word "other" indicates that we'll be talking about the Andrew Johnson who is not on our team (unless you're using "our" in a nationalistic sense).

6. Empty Skiing Parking Lot: A skiing parking lot can be a sad, desolate place.

7. Frank Classical Skiing: Frank does all things well. His earning potential has no ceiling...and he recognizes the value of Farm and Fleet.

8. The View from the Tower Ridge Lodge: There's a reason they call it "tower" ridge...but it's too flat for Landgraf (which is why he dominates everybody).

9. CyclovaXC Catches up with Garrott Kuzzy: This is the kind of article we can offer since Frank knows everyone and everything within the skiing world.

10. Lindsley Hammers at the Norskalopet: We'll be hearing a lot more about Lindsley in the upcoming weeks...the guy is a force of nature that even nature is afraid of.

11. Tour Divide Race: Joseph Meiser's Canada to Mexico off road bicycle race experience. Again, Frank's connections bring you awesomeness beyond comprehension.

12. David Landgraf at Norskalopet: Look at this guy! I think we need to build a statue dedicated to Dave Landgraf in Hayward about 12 times the hight of that giant muskie!

13. CyclovaXC Catches up with Joe Meiser on his Epic Tour Divide Race: Epic is a common word for this web page and everyone associated with it!

14. Denny Kotcon Hammering at the SISU Marathon: Speaking about Epic people! It's great to have Denny on board, he's as good a guy and an athlete as they come!

15. Ski Lodges and the Necessitites Brought On by Old Age: Oh, this one is pretty mediocre actually, I wrote it half-drunk at about 1 in the morning...which is how I write just about everything actually.

16. CyclovaXC Warm Ups are IN! And if you want one you better order FAST because if you don't you'll be left out in the cold without a warm-up and I won't feel the least amount of pity for you since I've been the one sticking out my neck and BUYING all these things with the HOPE that people would be grabbing them up (which they ARE so HAHAHA)! Pssst....they're AWESOME!!!!

So that's it! Good skiing, good eating...good loving...good...whatever it is that you like to do. See you at the City of Lakes Loppet if all goes well!!!!!

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