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More News from Fallun Sweden

10 Km Summary by Allan Lindsley

I felt overall the 10K race was much easier. A 5.3 Km climb, some rolling terrain for a few Ks and then down we came. The hole shot was the most important part of the race. If you could hold close to the leaders and go as hard as you could for the first 3 Km up hill, the race settle in as much as a 10Km could and you could actually ski with control. If you did not make the top ten on the trail going into the woods, the course narrowed after a half a Km and it is very tough passing on the classical trail going up hill. Starting in the second row I lost contact in the first Km with the leaders and picked my way through skiiers for the first 2km. The race was one of who could just hold on to the 5Km point. Few position changes took place past this point unless you had great skis on the down hills. I was able to finish in the middle of the pack (17th) and felt much better about the race.

Dave took off and put himself in 5th place in the first Km. Unfortunately, he felt himself go under at 3 Km and the top guys started to gap Dave. He was able to hook into the second group recover and the clip of video I took was the last 500 M of the race coming off the mountain. Again if you didn't have the fastest skis there was no way you were going to pass anyone on the long 1.5 Km downhill into the stadium. Dave finished 17th and felt it was more the body than the skis in the race.

Some great lessons were learned here in Sweden like: When you think you have a ski and a wax for all conditions think again; Cold waxes run well in cold and dry conditions; Ski fit is everything in cold conditions; Swedish people are very friendly but I still love Wisconsin and our food diversity.

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