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SKI AREA PROFILE: Soldier Hollow

Location: Midway, UT.
Trail Distance: 34+ K groomed to perfection for skate or classic with extensive man made snow if necessary
Trail Terrain: Generally very challenging. Come to "SOHO" if you want to get in a hard workout.
Warming House: A beautiful chalet with bathrooms, concessions, ski rental shop, and lounge.
Favorite Stretch of Trail: "Flying down through the curve into the stadium in a rock hard classic track, gliding through the stadium, and sprinting to the stadium finish line!"

Review: I realize that Cyclova XC is a Midwestern based ski club, but Soldier Hollow is just one of those places serious XC Skiers have to ski sometime in their life, so here is my review of it!

Recently, I skied at Soldier Hollow after having not been there for a couple of years. First off, I had a great time at this world class venue. I was quickly reminded how skiing in Utah is so very different than skiing in the Midwest; the hills go on for kilometers at a time, the air is thin, the snow is dryer, the vegetation is different, and there are of course mountain all around. All of these contribute to making soldier Hollow great!

Of course, part of the allure of Soldier Hollow is to remember the epic battles that happened there during the 2002 Olympic Games. Throughout the venue, you see reminders that the games were here, these reminders inspiring you to keep on moving around on the trails.

The Olympic Biathlon Range and Cross Country Stadium at Soldier Hollow

To get you situated, Soldier Hollow is located in the foothills of Mt. Timpanogas, one of the biggest and most rugged mountains in the Wasatch Range. The elevation ranges from roughly 6000 - 7000 ft with the trails constantly going up and down. Certain loops such as the appropriately named Roller Coaster, Spin and Grin, and The Finger of Fate are either entirely up or down. As I mentioned above, come to Soldier Hollow if you're looking for a hard workout, but note it is difficult to do an easy ski here due to the terrain.

The view from the top of Spin and Grin

The aptly named "Finger of Fate"

While this is a tough course, I've got to say that it is one of the funnest places to ski hard that I've ever experienced. Once you get out on these trails, you just want to go hard and while you'd normally be grimacing, you somehow work out a smile!

The author working out a smile when he'd normally be grimacing.

Finally, Soldier Hollow will spoil you with their perfectly machined tracks (grooming). I recall when I lived in Utah they used to plow the "natural snow" off of the trail because the man made snow is so great here - that's how serious they are about grooming the trails to perfection!

So watch for a cheap airline ticket to Salt Lake City, drive over the pass, and check out Soldier Hollow!

Going up!!!

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