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SKI AREA PROFILE: Timberland Hills

It is a true statement to say that I have skied more kilometers at the Timberland Hills lighted trail than any other ski trail on the planet. Back when I worked at Riverbrook Bike and Ski, I would make the 15 or so mile drive down to Timberland hills several times per week. Often on Tuesday nights, we would have 10-30 Team Riverbrook skiers out there doing intervals, race pace workouts, or some other sort of drill. Good times and great workouts for sure!

In a sense, we vote with where we choose to ski. Over the years, I've voted for Timberland Hills and their great trail conditions as seen above.

The main loop at Timberland Hills was the venue of former great races such as the Ringebu Rennet which attracted over 500 racers in the early to mid 90's. While there aren't races at Timberland Hills these days, it is still a top notch ski trail, many would rank it as one of Wisconsin's top 10 ski trails! The grooming is always good, the terrain is amazing, and scenery is classic northern Wisconsin! In total, Timberland Hills boasts 25k at the main trail and 2.5K at the lighted trail.

One of the many challenging climbs at Timberland Hills

Located on Country Road H (Northwest of Cumberland and southwest of Spooner) both trail heads have ample parking and heated warming houses. They use a tried and proven Track Truck pulling a Tidd Tech to produce consistently great conditions.

The trail head, warming house, and grooming machine at the main Timberland Hills Trail

The inside of the warming house at Timberland Hills. Comfortable with posters on the wall make for a walk down memory lane!

Now for a little known secret... Everyone knows that Ironwood, MI is part of a major snow belt, right? Well, did you know that Timberland Hills is also in a snow belt? For the 23 years that I lived in the surrounding areas of Frederic, Spooner, any time the surrounding communities got an inch of snow, Timberland always got 3-4. If the surrounding are gets 3 inches of snow, Timberland gets 6. This happens time after time, year after year. The fact is that it's in a secret snow belt. What does this mean? Well, if you can't find a trail with good snow to ski on in Northwest Wisconsin, you'll likely find some good skiable snow at Timberland Hills, especially the Lighted Trail!

Timberland is maintained by CASTA (Cumberland Area Ski Touring Association) and they do amazing work with this trail. Next time you ski at Timberland Hills, be generous with your donation to the drop boxes!

I like dogs, but they're right: Keep them off the beautifully groomed trails...

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