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SKI TECH: New NNN Binding for 2011!

Here is some eye candy for all of you gear heads out there! At various trade shows and on the skis of elite racers over the past month or two, I've been seeing a new top end NNN race binding out there which has really caught my attention.

It is called the Xcelerator and will be available next season in both skate and classic flavors. This binding has a number of truly significant innovations while still maintaining full compatibility with the NNN boots sold over the past 10-15 years!

The NNN Xcelerator Skate binding aboard a 2011 Rossignol X-Ium Skate WC ski

As I mentioned, there are numerous major innovations that are realized in this binding. The most significant in my opinion is in the clamping mechanism area. Rather than multiple pieces of plastic and metal riveted together, the clamping mechanism is one burly piece of aluminum on a single pivoting point, which gets the job done of clamping your boot solidly into place with little chance of breakage and reduced materials.

The Xcelerator binding clamp mechanism closed

The Xcelerator binding clamp mechanism open

Another major innovation is that through reduction of materials in the clamping mechanism, flexors, and the plastic in the heel and forefoot plate, the binding is roughly 100 grams lighter than the current NIS R4 binding. 100 grams is significant and reduces the weight of the binding by nearly 50%!

Finally, as a perk for ski shop techs and consumers alike, the flexors are now integrated into one easily removed piece. Gone are the days of struggling to remove the rear skate flexor and worrying about bending that annoying little metal pin that held it in place! The entire flexor can be slid out the back side of the clamp mechanism for replacement. While officially not confirmed, reliable sources have said that 3 different stiffnesses of flexor units will be available for various snow conditions (the same as is currently available for the R3 and R4 platforms).

The flexor unit is easily removed in seconds from the clamp mechanism area of the binding.

I believe this will prove to be one of the biggest XC Ski Industry innovations of the 2010-2011 season. It is rare to have a product come along that achieves a number of very significant innovations including:
  • Increased durability
  • Lighter weight
  • Easier to service
  • Compatible with the past 10-15 years of boot systems out there
Click HERE to view our Tech Video on the installation and adjustment of the NIS Binding System.

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