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The Things you see at the Mora Vasaloppet

I was wandering around the finish area of the Mora Vasaloppet when I kept running into this guy who'd trained his dog to stand on his head (that sentence wouldn't make a lot of sense if you didn't have the photo to guide you in the right direction). Somehow I got the impression that this was a result of the winters being long and cold and boring in Mora. Imagine the training this must have taken since standing upon his owner's head is hardly a natural position for a dog. Furthermore, this isn't the type of thing that just happens by accident and continues because it's charming. Training your dog to stand on your head takes a bit of work! It takes dedication! It takes hours and hours of not caring how foolish you look.

The thing that was great about this guy was that he just stood around like having the dog on his head was the most natural thing in the world. He also kind of posed for pictures if he saw you were aiming a camera at him. He wasn't so crude as to come up to you and start talking, but it was clear he liked the attention wearing a dog on his head brought him.

My guess is that if you go up to Mora in future years, you'll be able to find this guy hanging around the finish area at the end of the Vasaloppet and any other event that draws a crowd in the Mora area.

The city with the guy with the dog on his head...it could be a catchy nickname for the town.

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