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Andrew Johnson Hammers at the Birkie

I just got a whole series of Andrew Johnson pictures so I figured I better get my rear in gear and post them on the page. You may remember Andrew from the story he wrote a while back about his Birkie Gu Mishap (a very popular story...I believe Cory Kending said it made him laugh until milk shot out his nose...or something like that...which is incidentally about the highest praise you can get).

Anyway, the crazy thing is that even though Andrew's been writing for CyclovaXC for the last few months, and even though he's been at two of the three races I went to this year (as well as the Mora Vasaloppet which I spectated at but didn't race), I haven't frickin' even MET the guy yet!

However, that's just part of the nature of the ski team beast. You see, you KNOW these people are lurking out there and they'll start turning up at various events, you just have to keep your eyes peeled. And frankly, I'm expecting to see a whole lot more of EVERYBODY next year as I hope to do at least 7 or 8 races. On my race wish list for next year are the following: Stormy Kromer (don't they have an early season marathon?), Pepsi Challenge, Seeley Hills Classic (you've got to race the Birkie trail every chance you get), City of Lakes Loppet, Pre-Birkie AND Mora (do the double baby!), American Birkebeiner. We'll have to tweak this and see how the reality shapes up, plus I think there are a few more to fit in there in the early season, but this gives you more or less the idea.

However, it's getting to be time to shift our focus to running and biking...slowly but surely (the Birkie glow hasn't quite faded yet, so we're playing that bad boy out). Stay tuned!

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