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The Birkiemobile

Hiking around at Telemark on bib pick up day, Frank, Zulma and I ran into all kinds of different sights and sounds. There was David Kettula for one thing, still resplendent in the awesome set of warm-ups that Frank and I drummed up back in the day. David's going on those warm-ups for about 15 years now, which goes to prove that Frank and I select high quality stuff. In fact, we saw a lot of people out there in ski garb from our old teams (which only goes to show that we have extreme staying power and you should all be shelling out the big dollars for the clothing we have left over). We also ran into the Colaizys, who were also sporting some old team gear if I recall...and were equally happy to see us (though just as hesitant to get their CyclovaXC on)...sigh, it's like pulling teeth with some people now isn't it...getting them to do what they really want to do!

But speaking of that, I also came across the car featured in the image above which I have affectionately christened the "Birkiemobile." Pretty sweet decal job now isn't it? And I bet you can guess what I have planned...YUP! CyclovaXC decals that cover a car from bumper to bumper. To hell with advertising for Subaru, or Hyundai or Chevrolet wherever you go! Time to start advertising for CyclovaXC!

Sigh...that's another dream of mine, but even I have to admit that we have a few more pressing things on the those bike kits! But a guy can dream can't he? Just imagine if like 50 of us rolled into the ski season next year with uniformly painted CyclovaXC vehicles....that'd be awesome!

1 comment:

  1. Even better would be if the fifty of you arrived in one vehicle stickered with the CyclovaXC. i am thinking of a ragbrai wannabee old school bus.