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CyclovaXC Skiers Appear in Area Papers

Over the last few weeks you might have picked up your local paper in Hayward, Bloomer, Frederic or any number of other small Wisconsin or Minnesota cities and noticed some articles about the Birkie (this happened everywhere but in Spooner whose residents were obviously too occupied with watching the bikini dancers at Moe's tavern and have yet to write even a single word about the Birkebeiner...which is kind of a joke actually since it's the region's single biggest newsworthy event so the fact that the Advocate doesn't even COVER it is kind of a reflection of the journalistic ability of everyone who works with that publication...but what can you expect from a town with Bikini dancers the quality of which you get at Moe's?).

The Bloomer Advance for example (a far superior publication to the Advocate) had a picture of Dave and Emalea Landgraf. As you can see from the above image, Dave was sporting his beautiful CyclovaXC warm-up (which is the whole point of writing our logo everywhere!). However, there are rumors that Dave was in some sort of other suit for the actual race...hmmmmmmm!!!! But you really can't blame Dave, the guy's got a lot of demands on his time considering he's pretty much the most decorated XC skier in a three state region. Good work getting the jacket in the Bloomer Advance. I'm expecting pictures of the rest of our members in local papers (Frank, front page of the Pioneer Press for you!).

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