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Don't Forget To Put Storage Wax on Your Cross Country Skis!

Wow, we've had some nice warm March days lately (although today there was frost on the ground as I stepped outside of my house in my sandals and froze my little tosises off). But as nice as it has been, you're still not allowed to forget that we're still on the coat tails of the ski season, and before you can put those vehicles of winter torture/pleasure away for their long summer sleep, you have to encase them in a coat of wax (much like Han Solo was encased in carbonite) so that they're protected and safe from oxidation.

You know, this is that final wax job of the year, but somehow it's still a real pain. I suppose it's because you know when you are done applying the storage wax you have to sweep up all the left over wax flakes from the storage area, try and stuff all your waxing equipment into the tackle box that's now too desperately small to hold all the gear you've accumulated (and this even after buying a tackle box you thought would be five times bigger than you would ever need). Then you have to take apart your ski bench and try to stuff all your equipment into some lonely closet corner and hope no mice chew on any of it for the summer.

But, it's got to be done!

Back in the old days we always used to use Swix orange as storage wax, but you can use any cheap, warm-weather wax. The deal is to just goop it on there so it sinks in all summer. Additionally, once you've applied the storage wax, the bases are now protected against things like paint (at least peripherally...DON'T try to paint the bases) so you can set your skis base down out on the grass in front of your house and paint them CyclovaXC colors from tip to tail (I recommend the lime green paint at Farm and Fleet). After all, Fischer isn't paying YOU any money to advertise their logo every darn place you go now is it? Rossignol isn't paying...Madshus aren't paying...NOBODY'S PAYING so to hell with them...put CyclovaXC on your skis (well, we aren't paying either...but it's the PRINCIPLE of the thing...yeah...have another beer, stop thinking so hard and just cheer jubilantly with me as you paint your skis...YOU'RE AWESOME DUDE!)!

Seriously, don't forget to put on the storage wax (and paint your skis Lime green with the CyclovaXC logo on the tips in BIG letters)!

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