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First Look at the CyclovaXC Bike Kit

Ok, we're getting the ball rolling on our CyclovaXC bike kit. Above is a VERY early rough drawing of the concept. Keep in mind that the final version will be a LOT cleaner than this initial sketch (the professionals have to have their way with it yet). Still, we wanted to give you guys an approximate idea of what the bike kit is going to look like.

As you can see, we've taken elements from both the "Lime" and the "Olive" ski suits and blended them together. Most of the lettering on the suit is going to have the "Lime" version (except for the chest...I just can't let go of that big red XC). Part of the idea is that we want to get some "high visibility" green on the jersey and shorts to hopefully make us safer on the roads (it's just better if the cars see us, that's personal experience talking). I'm also hoping to get some sort of "high visibility" vest for rollerskiing so I don't have a repeat of this incident from last hunting season.

There are a whole lot of different options for what you can order (check here for a list of prices). Just like with the suits, Frank and I only want to cover our costs (not an easy thing to do we're finding). Although the prices per unit are lower the more units we buy, they don't combine men's and women's jerseys into one order (15 men's jerseys plus 10 women's jersey's do not give us a unit price equal to an order of 25 jerseys unfortunately).

We're offering a Jersey and a short but we want to be clear that YOU CAN JUST BUY THE JERSEY IF YOU WANT!

Also, we're planning on doing a couple upgrades like micro-fiber and a full length zipper which I believe adds $7.50 to the price of each jersey (nothing's free in life now is it).

In terms of the shorts, you can get regular shorts or bib shorts, and there are three different types of chamois to chose from (one for $10 more and one for $15 more). My rough guess right now is that the Jersey/Short combo will come out to something under $150. Even if you don't want to commit to buying something right now, please send us an email with an approximate idea of what you want to order so we can start estimating how many shorts, etc., to get. Send your info and thoughts to: cyclovaxc at

Sigh...another long struggle of battling with the design people and fighting through an order awaits, you're all lucky that you don't have to deal with this!

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