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Hitler's thoughts on 24-9 being canceled

As you may have heard, the 24 Hours of Nine Mile mountain bike race near Wausau, WI was recently canceled. There has been much griping, accusing, and complaining about this and the situations surrounding it which we won't get into.

I did just stumble into this video which I think summarizes the passion that some folks have for this race, perhaps folks that you wouldn't expect to have such passion for 24-9!

Cyclova XC certainly can't take credit for this video, but we do think you'll find it entertaining!


  1. Very entertaining guys...I heard that after learning of the cancellation of 24/9 Hitler gave up biking and adopted the car as his main mode of transportation. Here's proof:

  2. The drama of bike racing... It's on, it's off, it's back on again... How is it that the sport we love has turned into a soap operah?