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Join Us As Birkie Trail Friends!

Last week Cyclova XC member Mark Schullo brought the "Birkie Trail Friends" program to my attention. It is a great way to support a fantastic event and organization!

Basically, the way it works is that if a number of Cyclova XC members are interested in pooling some money together to do this, a 5 1/2" by 5 1/2" plaque will be put up on each side of the trail on the kilometer marker post going in both directions (north bound and south bound). After the 3 year term is up, we would be given the plaques and have first right of refusal to re-sponsor the post.

Mark is interested in contributing to a Cyclova XC kitty to get a Cyclova XC Birkie Kilometer post marker put up with the Cyclova XC name on it. I am also interested in contributing. Is there anyone else out there interested in joining us? This is a $300 per year for 3 years ($900 in total) contract of sorts.

As a very active XC Ski Club in the heart of Birkie Country, I believe this makes sense and would be fun! Imagine how cool it would be to ski by the Cyclova XC Birkie Trail Kilometer Marker post. We would own the Kilometer!

If you are interested, feel free to comment here following this article or email me at

Photo Credit: American Birkiebeiner

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